Tuesday, November 21, 2006

But still... ... Dasi??? of all things??!!

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well... after giving you a picture of who i am, let me tell you something about my nick name - dasi... you may ask, why i am so fixated about my name - afterall there's that cliched statement "what's in a name anyways..." .
But i believe more, in the what my "God", the great Dale Carnegie, has to say about a name - "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." i believe this...

i've been called dasi - as best as i can remember - for more than 10 years now. I faintly remember that it had its origins in my primary school - sixth std, to be precise. I used to have this (which i now acknowledge) 'bad' habit of burping a lot, especially after meals and having cold drinks. My friends used to chide me for this, but i used to be like " c'mmon guys... u act as if i just f***ted" - and trust me, half of them used to actually rebuke, that this was worsei!! That was when they christened me "Gassy"

I used to feel indignant that my friends had a problem with that 'harmless' (:-)) habit of mine... probably that was coz i was almost never at the receiving end :-P ... But then, i would feel mighty embarassed when i would be called by that name in public - for the simple reason that, almost everyone used to think that i was called so for posterior reasons than anterior :-(

That was reason enough for me to try and give up that 'harmless' habit of mine... and slowly but steadily i (almost!!) got rid of it. After that, i took umbrage to the fact that my friends still continued to call me by the old name... After constant bickerings from my side, someone (If i remember right, it was my friend Sukhadev) changed it to 'dasi' ... The best reason i can think why that name just stuck and became popular with my friends, was that probably that it was quite a natural and smooth transition from the old name...

Over the time, the name has become such an integral part of me, that many of my friends parents too call me by that name. some don't even know, or bother to remember my real name.. i'm not exactly complaining... i must confess i too luv that name.. I have always felt, being called by a nick name, was always more intimate than being called by your true name!!

So, although the name is Subhash - the man is, and will always remain the dasi!

dasi who??

I've had few people who haven't commented..." Hey... doesn't dasi mean "female servant?? What’s that got to do with your name??" And I’m damn sure, I’ve told the lore behind that name more than a hundred times over to different people...

I'll definitely put that up here pretty soon, hoping I’ll not have to repeat the same story, atleast as often as I do now!! :-) But then... let me answer the primary question first... dasi... who??

Felt, I couldn't do justice enough to myself, by trying to tell you more about me, in the profile column. Hence this separate post, right at the onset of my blog, to help you in that area!!

I'm from the small and beautiful university town of Manipal in South India. Have been born and brought up, and done all my schooling till my 12th std. there itself - first in Madhava Kripa English Primary School, and later in Manipal PU College. Went on to do my engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (I always feel, that the old name of my college - Karnataka Regional Engg. College - KREC - has greater appeal than the new name!!) And presently, I’m working as an engineer in the field of electronics, in the Silicon City of India - Bangalore (now, sadly, synonymous with overcrowded streets, bad infrastructure and petty politicians).

God seemingly was in a good mood when he made me... Has given me or rather, to be politically correct, has helped me identify in myself, quite a few skills and talents more than the average Joe :-) He made me good at volleyball - good enough to represent, and also lead the team, in my schools and colleges at every level and also in the local sports club and now in my company. He made me good at music - good enough to play the keyboard and tabla in the college band, and even win a few prizes in cultural fests, and now, head the company music band being the lead vocalist. He made me good (and more importantly, very passionate) at cooking - good enough to cook exotic foods like manchurians, fried rice and sweets, and also come up with my own recipes for Chicken gravy, Fish fry masala and Lemon pickle. And then... he gave me the gift (lot of people feel it is a curse - atleast for them :-P ) of talking LOTS - good enough to be a natural at extempore and JAM... all these while being the topper for most of my academic career - and intelligent enough to pass out as an engineer from a premier insti...

Not very humble, am I ?? :-P

Humility, I admit, has never been my strong point :-) But I can never thank God enough for more than compensating that in kind of person he's made me. That affability, good sense of humor, that attitude to always dream high, think big and constantly strive to improve, a genuine compassion for people and animals who are less fortunate and many other things like these, that he's helped me discover in myself, I feel, are the corner-stones of my character.

I end this post here, not really trusting that many people who started reading it, actually had the patience to read it all the way down till here :-) that too with all that apparent trumpeting up there!! But then, as they say "Actions speak louder than words" - I’d like to modify that to suit my situation that "the blog speaks louder than the brag" (I used that word only for the sake of rhyme) ... Time and this space of mine will tell you more...

PS: Why i am called dasi?? Read this