Monday, February 16, 2009

Ramblings about a long hiatus...

We get into habits. Some stick for a lifetime. Some wear out. New ones take their place. Habit is second nature, they say. tch tch... habits are what make up the nature! the incessant ones, the not-so-regular ones, the once-in-a-blue-moon ones... all of them.

I started blogging over two years back, as an extension to my 'habit' to talk a lot, have opinions about almost everything, and let people know about them. Yes, I also hoped, it would help refine my writing skills which I needed for things more than just voicing opinions in a nice way for people to read! :-)

And I would regularly blog - obsessive compulsive blogger - some one once made fun of me during those initial days! It was fun, and yes, although not obsessive, it became a nice habit that I loved - a 'hobby' like it is called.

Somewhere about a year back, things changed. I got way too involved in work at office. And then some other things. And beyond that, some other things. I got out of this enjoyable 'habit' of mine. And to what extent! It was never that, in this one year since the last time I posted on my blog, I did not find the time to post, nor was there a dearth of topics to share about. In fact, I went on two international tours in these 12 months, watched a lot of movies, and had a number of unique experiences - basically a LOTTT of things to write about!

But I simply had gotten out the habit! Old habits die hard. Maybe this wasn't old enough. Laziness is the prime culprit, of course, no fooling myself on that. But a lethargic inertia had grown slowly. And the older it became, the stronger it became. And for one year, this part of the cyber-space remained untouched.

What made me get back onto it, this fine day? Well! Some time with just myself - no work, no friends, no distractions - and more so, an hour, for which I had to wait for my good friend to finish her day at the office, so we could talk about her latest adventures in life! :-)

I read somewhere - not sure where - that it is better to be hated, than loved for something, some times... Coz some one's hatred gives us an amazing energy to overcome it; an energy stronger than the one that propels us to gain more love and affection than that already exists.

Mine definitely wasn't a case of hatred! :-D It was the right combination of being left alone, having to wait for someone, having no other "work" to do, and for once, slightly under-control laziness! And if I can believe for myself that inertia once overcome, can resume the motion more easily, then I can hope to be bloggin a little more often hence!

Thanks Koosu, for that additional one hour of urgent work that you came up with. And twink, for those Karachi bakery biscuits, which are waiting for me and Koo! :-)