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Trical 2005 Branch Diary

Back in college, i had written an account of the four years of life, I'd spent, along with my friends, as a Electrical and Electronics Engineering student at NIT Surathkal for the college magazine

Discovered the print-out this article, while digging through my old stuff, a few days back. Scanned it, and converted it to a document using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, and put it up here... Mainly, coz this was one of my first write-ups which I was very satisfied with since I got kudos from all those who read it in our magazine

"Been there, done that". The journey of becoming Electrical and Electronics engineers from this institute, will undoubtedly rate as one of the finest phases in all our lives. Standing on the threshold of completing this journey, looking back, brings a deluge of mixed emotions and memories…

First Year

Spread in various sections in the first year, our daily menu contained warnings and jeering, from seniors and peers, both from our own, and more so, from the other branches, about the impending doom that we had all embraced. Amidst these, was the heartening rise of stars, Mochi and Sushmita, who scored whopping percentages in the semester exams of both Physics and Chemistry cycles. But the critics just said "abhi chance hai, toh ud rahe hain! Aage unke branch mein jaane ke baad, aisa kahan hoga?!" But they'd spoken a bit too early.

Semester III

The top three students applying for branch change - Sushmita, Mochi and Prasad - were from our branch. But their aspirations of jumping the boat to tronics were quashed, with no seats being offered in the already overflowing tronics class. At that time, we didn't know if we had to rejoice or feel depressed with this, but today, we're glad, we retained the gems. We were formally welcomed into the branch in a sad fresher’s party, given by our immediate seniors. The sem contained basic courses in Electrical machines, measurements, circuits and field theory, which were served to us with huge helpings of discipline. The CR elections, keenly contested between Ibrahim and Rohan ended in a dramatic tie, and a coin toss saw Rohan take the reins. But the election fever elicited stinging responses from Rao sir, the election officer, which manifested in verbal bashing the following day. The sem exams came by, and the much feared machines lab viva, by Sridhar sir witnessed an unbelievable incident - Boosnur's explanation on eddy currents in transformer cores, and related electric shocks, christened "Finger Burn Theory" by Sridhar himself, saw the latter nearly fall of his chair laughing! Another Faraday was born.

Semester IV

Determined not to be deterred by the misconception of being a no-fun branch, we decide to let our hair down and planned a class trip to Karkala, Kudlu falls, Sringeri and Kigga falls. The trip was a runaway success and helped change many an opinion, but Dasi's alleged ulterior motive behind having the dinner on the trip day at his home, was the topic of hot speculation for quite a few days to follow. The trip saw us spiritedly through the rest of the semester, with the classes plagued with more machines (ugh!), op-amps, network analysis and T&D. In the sem exams, Mochi and Sushmita hit records out of the park scoring 96 and 95 percent respectively, unheard in the history of the college. The critics, cynical about the scoring in our branch were silenced forever.

Semester V

Third year brought with it the onus of being seniors in the branch. The freshers party we threw to the second years was honestly, far better than the one we were given. We, the hosts enjoyed it more thoroughly than the guests. The party encouraged many to shed their inhibitions and come together and have the maximum fun. (Jello turned out to be the chupa rustum) In class, Smash stopped asking questions in the dying moments of Economics classes after being threatened to be beaten. Object oriented programming concepts taught using java, saw arrows flying all over the board, and made us a jack in yet another 'hot' field. j.1P by Rao, arguably the best taught course in our curriculum, saw most resumes registering it as the favorite subject - although the 'don't-drag-­the-chairs' j.1P lab was seldom visited by many. And the star electronics course - Digital Systems Design, taught us an even more important lesson in human relations, when the sem paper showed who the ring master was.

Semester VI

The presence of only one examiner in the fifth sem μP lab, saw our results being held up, and a viva conducted. Although it was "rules being followed", the entire incident reeked of clash of egos. Even sem became necessarily synonymous with the class trip and with the girls dropping out, the guys had a superb time at Attur church, Jomlu and Onake Abbe falls, without having to bother to remain within limits. Mudit's DJing ("Everybody now ... aah aah") showed our true colors to our staff escort, and the look it left on his face, made the trip even more memorable!! Power systems, advanced controls and Special Machines were around in the class. But mention worthy was the DSP course, where most classes saw 'the caravan proceed' (!) and students stand as pillars unable to answer 'simple' questions, and stories about the great food at IISc. The meticulously planned Java lab went a long way in improving our position, from the previous sem, from "we've-heard-it" to "we've-worked-on-it". Placement fever started catching up, with meetings with the placement officer, Vijayan sir, pep talks, and noisy debates during the company-ranking process and a brief stint of GDs with Rao sir as the overseer. Although aptis were being practiced, refreshing the subject knowledge took a back seat, with the consolation of a two month vacation after the sem exams.

Semester VII

Final year is about a potpourri of emotions - being beneath none, placements, realization of time running out and the need to live life to the hilt... Placements ruled the roost in the initial days. Thanks largely to the wonderful effort by our own Vijayan sir (the best thing to happen to the placements) and his team, and the buoyant economy, most students were placed in the first month itself. Classes were mostly cancelled, but even later on, were thinly populated, initially, to appear for the placements, and then to celebrate the success - the 'chill out' mantra didn't spare us too. Mochi's perfect 1600 in GRE was the talk of the college. The Fuzzy Logic - ANN elective, although brilliant, mainly helped us by gifting a refined word to our vocabulary, to represent anything incomprehensible. Students given assignments in 1M class, either vanished, or rarely strayed to the class. The 'do-it-when-you-want Controls' and Power System Lab, was a harrowing experience, and most forgettable. And the computer networking (one of the most loathed subjects) power point presentation classes had few takers, most of who dozed through them. And did someone say project work? What was that?!!

Semester VIII

The most dreaded sights now in class (for the few who turn up), is the right top corner of the board, which reads: 'The Final Countdown - Days to go: 50' (a la The Girl Next Door). Roshan, one of the few trical ICONs in several years has just lead the silver jubilee celebration of INCI to a phenomenal success. The long awaited branch t-shirt, has final materialized and has been the neighbors' envy and owners' pride, and has also seen a great photo session. Prasad and Smash have redeemed their rightful place by notching up the 5th and 31" ranks in GATE. The CR leads most guys in cooling their heels back in the blocks and occasionally paying visits to the classes. And hoping a teacher does not tur'1 up, is synonymous to ensuring that Bhupesh is in the class this charm has worked for us over a dozen times, and almost always, when he's been on time!! Most people came to know of their electives on the day of the first sessionals, i.e., those who attended them! And people are slowly waking up to finally acknowledge the presence of a project and seminar.

As the time, we are left with, here in the college, is being led to the gallows, the four years spent here in college and our branch flashes back as a movie strip. And saying that, it seems just yesterday that we came in is definitely not speaking in cosmic terms. Although we'll be walking with a heavy heart, lots of memories and experiences, and electrical engineering in our blood, we'll definitely have the satisfaction of having left a unique and indelible mark in the history of our department at KREC / NITK.

The Unforgettables:-

  • Smash on being caught in the class - "Your class is boring ma'am" .
  • "They are the scum of the abyss"
  • “You will fail…” (and a nasty smile)
  • "Aakara pushti. naivedya nashti "
  • "I know how to cut the tails of the monkeys" .
  • "I think the figure is self - explanatory" .
  • "I don't know that. You refer senior faculty ... Do it, Do it. .. "

Proudly yours


- Subhash HS

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Self Evaluation: What planet should I rule?

These little surveys, which i found on this site called "blogthings", which tell you new things about you, in different ways... are, an addictive sort of pastime...

Its especially titillating, when one such survey turns up some nice things about you... this was another moment of momentary exhilaration i found today... :-)

You Should Rule Jupiter

Huge and hot, Jupiter is a quickly turning planet with short days and intense gravity.

You are perfect to rule Jupiter, because you are both dominant and kind.
You have great strength and confidence, but you never abuse your power.

You are always right. Even if you make mistakes, you compensate for them... before anyone knows it.
Headstrong and ambitious, you always have a goal in mind. You are optimistic and believe things will always work out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Self Evaluation: Personality type

Sort of getting hooked to these Blogthings self evaluation quizzes, as a form of pastime and break from work... This one pleased me a lot

This survey is based on the MBTI (Myers-Brigg Type Indicator).

You Are An
The Executive

You are a natural leader - with confidence and strength that inspires others.
Driven to succeed, you are always looking for ways to gain, power,knowledge, and expertise.

Sometimes you aren't the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.

You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur,or consultant
What's Your Personality Type?

Check out this link for more details on MBTI -

When i took the same test again, a couple of days after the first time, it gave me a slightly different result, which was also pretty accurate, Forrer effect notwithstanding!! :-)

You Are An

The Visionary

You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Self Evaluation: What sign would you be, if not your own??

On a regular visit to Nissim's blog, I bumped into this questionnaire, which i found was pretty accurate...

As a matter of fact, i'm proud and comfortable, being the Gemini I am... but maybe, this is what i would be otherwise?? ...

You Should Be A Virgo

What's good about you: you have a quiet determination and aren't swayed by emotions

What's bad about you: you are an insane perfectionist and easily find faults in others

In love: you are obsessed with making your partner happy

In friendship, you're: helpful and giving - eager to be a true friend

Your ideal job: poet, flight attendant, or natural healer

Your sense of fashion: casual, upscale, revealing, conservative - you look good in all of it

You like to pig out on: a well prepared five course meal

Review: How to make money out of thin air

Name: How to make money out of thin air
Author: Brian Sher
Publishers: Penguin Books

Misc: 212 pages, Rs 195

Highlights: Real life examples, statistically backed experiences, Decisive and authoritative narration

My rating: 4 /5

One way of generating interest (read as: hype) around a book, is by giving it a catchy name – that generates enough curiosity, to convert those half-convinced into buying the book, and to grab attention of those, who might otherwise never have even cast their glance on it.

This book is FAR more than just that.

It isn’t any frivolous book on some quick rich scheme, or a bunch of rhetoric…as the name may suggest, on the face of it.

Brian Sher, an Australian, who is a specialist in marketing and business growth strategies, and has worked with hundreds of businesses, of various sizes, has delved into his decades of experience, to come out with this must read - atleast for those who ever had even a fleeting dream about starting his / her own enterprise. For most such people, it will well be a reality check about their ambitions.

The central theme of this book by Sher is the attitudinal shift, which he feels is very essential for every person who wants to become wealthy - from earning money to making money, from selling your time, and working for money, to making your money work for you.

He explains why, statistically, more than 90% of the start-up enterprises become failures - the common mistakes and follies, which lead them to their doom. He also gives valuable tips and insights, on how to go about building a business, which will be self-sustaining and saleable, and will keep improving its asset value, while making money for you, so that you don’t need to work for money! The secret, though, is not only to start a business, but to build a valuable asset that you can sell in the future for a profit, according to him. That’s the catch. You have to start with an exit plan in mind. That is, whatever you start, it needs to be of value to someone else.

The book consists of an unequivocal (and pretty comprehensive) list of the “twenty habits of the most / (and) least valuable businesses”, “twenty-eight habits of the world’s least successful business people”, forty-two habits of the world’s most successful business people, “how to make money out of (figuratively of course!!) thin air”, and finally, a checklist, which indicates “will you become a millionaire”.

This book will help you remove a lot of cobwebs of myths that your mind houses. But mind you, don’t try to take an intersection set of all that he suggests, coz you’ll invariably get a null set, and may feel that, you could never start your own business!!

Go for it!!

Excerpts from the book:

  • “There is a big difference in being rich and being happy. Being rich is ‘Getting what you want’. Being happy is ‘Wanting what you get’.
  • “Be daring… or be nothing at all…”
  • Never build just a ‘business’. Build a valuable asset to sell.
  • "For your business to become a saleable asset, it needs to be highly tradable, and for it to be tradable, it needs to be fully systemized – able to run without your personal effort – or, better yet, without you being needed at all.
  • “We spend thirteen years at school and leave knowing how to do little more than survive financially. Since the majority of us become employed and have ‘jobs’, the majority of us will simply sell our time for the whole of our lives” (Familiar, eh??)
  • The worst possible decision you could take to be financially independent, is to sell your time.
  • People don’t succeed because they are lucky, or make all the right decisions at the right times. They realize one thing, that others don’t – that there’s nothing like a perfect decision – they take quick decisions, understanding the consequences of their decisions, and always have a back up plan, in case this decision does not give them the desired outcome.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The color of spring...

Meta Data:
Camera: Canon S2IS
Mode: Special Scene (Foliage) (Color Accent wasn't giving required result)
Shutter time: Auto
ISO: Auto
Date / Time: 4 March 2007, 12:58 pm
Location: Lalbagh gardens, Bangalore

Last... and the most important:
The final make up: Adobe Photoshop 8.0

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Self Evaluation: Who are you?? - Imagini VisualDNA personality check

I've seen a few sites, which tell you about your personality... This was one of them, i received as a forward and which i found was pretty accurate...

This a what i am like... almost!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Collection: Einstein the parrot

This is the best ever animal / bird video i have, and probably will ever watch for a long time to come...

Hats off to... Einstein the parrot!